Season 16.17 is a wire tended towards the unknown.

Fucina Culturale Machiavelli’s second season is here, ready to shake your shureness, keep you with suspence and let you explore new universes, and make you enjoy an unexpected night.

The thread of the season is contemporary composition, near and far from us. The concerts are based on the theme of the travel, from the north to the unexplored sea, following dreams and excape from courses, and to the south, to lay with Naples at the feet of Vesuvius. In the theatre nights a theme is recurrent: the millennial generation and his problems; a stage as a mirror; fiction as reality.

Such as the first season, styles, languages and the choices are different beetween each other. We also are travelers, and we sell tickets for destinations that perhaps we first don’t know.

Come in, have your sit, challenge the rules, don’t content yourself with your habits. Here playing art is not just a game.

We mix your cards up again and again.


Is your degree useful?

Fucina Culturale Machiavelli is a cultural start up, made by young professionals of performing arts, unnecessary people to this society afraid of everything. We didn’t want to here anymore “kid, you should have learned a real job”.

Job as a form of art, Art as our form of job

“What’s your job? Cool, so you play in a band, I have a cousin who played keabords in a band too at the college. But I don’t understand exactly when you don’t play what is your job.”

Already had a role in this play? Yes because we want to transform into job a profession that never was an hobby.

This is so contemporary.

We love what is written now, what is contemporary in his deep meaning. But we also love classics, because a masterwork exists beyond time, and is necessarily contemporary to everything. We like to mix up things, classical, pop, rock, jazz, folk, everywhere there is something deep to tell, that skretches away the surface, we are in.

Make some space here, more ideas here, thanks.

We don’t content. We search for the best quality in every single production. We avoid the easiest ways of the well known. We honour the deal with our audience. 


The second life of an old cinema.

Our theatre was a cinema in the past. In his projection booth you can still breathe the love for the art of the screen.

In 2015, after 10 years of silence, FCM restructured the place and re-opened it to the city.

Here are the number of the first season

young artists
working days
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