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cecita- produzione teatrale fucina culturale machiavelli


Spettacolo al buio

thatsall folk Orchestra Machiavelli the Aroostercrats

That’s all folk!

Concerto folk per Aroostercrats e Orchestra d'archi

anime prave concerto orchestra machiavelli

Anime Prave

Concerto - Spettacolo


La buona novella

Concerto acustico con Mimmo De Tullio

#FateIlVostroGioco - Chiostro del conservatorio

#Fate il vostro gioco

Concerto sinfonico per orchestra di giocatori


Season 2015-2016
theatre and music in Verona


The first FCM season has been a research ground, for artistic, social and cultural border.

Our audience is so young, at least in the spirit if the ID card has a different idea.
FCM audience must be free for jump, without any ballast.

Five concerts and seven shows that probe deeply the city, his soul and his time. The meltin-pot of languages, cultures and styles is a modern Babel that avoids cages.

To joke or play it seriously, repertoire or new music, share where is the edge of music and starts a story to tell. Many contraddictions that seem to run after one to another without any sense, but draw together a precise project.

The route does not give any answer, ma we hope, creates deep questions.

The audience is as much creator as are the artists.